Visa with Responsive Card


Printing of the Voucher of the scheduled appointment, exclusively in MEXITEL.

Each visa applicant, regardless of age or traveling in a group, requires an individual appointment at the nearest Mexican embassy or consulate.

Requirements are related to (however check with your local Mexican embassy for more details):

Valid passport and copy of the main page of the passport (with photo and personal information) and the pages with visas and consular stamps.

A recent photograph (maximum two months old) with the face visible and without glasses, in color, ID size, with white background and front view. Applications with other types or sizes of photographs will not be accepted.

I. ORIGINAL letter of responsibility: Original of the letter from an organization or a public or private institution of recognized probity that invites the foreigner to participate in some non-remunerated activity in national territory. The letter must contain, without exception, the following information:

contain, without exception, the following data:

1- Full name of the applicant and nationality

2- Name or company name of the organization;

3- Official registration number, as applicable;

4- Purpose of the private or public organization or institution;

5- Complete address and contact details of the organization or institution;

6- Information on the activity to be carried out and the project in which the foreign person will participate. The foreign person’s activity must be related to the purposes of the inviting organization or institution;

7- Estimated duration or approximate date of completion of the activity to be carried out;

8- A written commitment to be responsible for the maintenance of the foreigner during his/her stay in Mexico and his/her RETURN to his/her country of origin or residence; and

9- Copy of official identification with signature and photograph of the person signing the letter of responsibility.

II. Original and copy of documents proving that the invited person has the necessary experience, capacity, skills or knowledge to develop the activity to which he/she is invited. Example: In the case of lecturers, academic degree or proof of experience in the subject. Professionals, artists, creators and musicians must present their professionalism, title or credential that accredits them as such.

III. The inviting organization or private institution must prove financial solvency to cover the lodging and living expenses of the foreigner by means of the following documents:

1- If the stay in Mexico will be less than 180 days: Original and copy of proof of investments or bank accounts with an average monthly balance equivalent to $5,900 dollars, during the last twelve months.

2- If the stay in Mexico will be longer than 180 days: Original and copy of proof of investments or bank accounts with an average monthly balance equivalent to $59,000 dollars, during the last twelve months.

Note: Mexican governmental institutions, as well as public education institutions that belong to the National Education System are exempt from this requirement.

In case the bank statements are printed at the bank, the following documents must be submitted with the characteristics detailed:

a. Original letter on bank letterhead with the following information:

– Name of the account holder, account number and date of opening.

– Name, position and signature of the bank officer issuing the letter.

– Official stamp of the bank


b. Original and copy of bank transactions and balances for the last 12 months, with an average monthly balance equivalent to at least $5,900 or $59,000 dollars (see information above in this same section), on bank letterhead. It must contain:

– The name, position and signature of the bank must correspond to the same bank officer issuing the letter in the previous paragraph.

– The official seal of the bank, which must coincide with the seal on the letter of the previous paragraph.

Documents that do not comply with each of these characteristics will not be accepted.

The foreigner who obtains a Resident Visa, must process, within the following 30 calendar days from his entry into Mexico, the residence card that accredits his legal stay and allows him to remain in national territory.