Welcome Message

We are proud and excited to host DiGRA 2024 at the University of Guadalajara (UDG) in the heart of the Downtown of Guadalajara City in Mexico. We are part of an integrated high-technology ecosystem connecting industry, government, academy, and NGOs working together to become one of Latin America’s most important innovation Hubs. Guadalajara is also home to many Mexican emblematic cultural traditions such as the Mariachi and the Tequila. However, the territory has sought to consolidate its digital creative industry for over a decade. With the theme Playgrounds for DiGRA 2024, we aim to learn how video games are shaping our societies in a world where the digital now is mixed with reality. In these mixed environments, children are native digitals where video games and playgrounds rule how they may behave in the future in our societies, becoming a rich area to explore in addition to all current suggested themes of the DiGRA community.
So, welcome to this edition where together, in one week, we hope to exchange, share, learn, and discuss different points of view reflecting all concerns and opportunities we can work together for a better world playground.