The University of Guadalajara is hosting this conference at its new multi-thematic campus in the downtown of Guadalajara City. This new campus aims to combine high technology, such as Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and cyber security, with Digital Creative Arts, Business Development, Environmental Sciences, and Healthcare.
The campus is 2 km from the Cathedral of Guadalajara as the emblematic reference point of the Guadalajara Downtown. In downtown, more than ten hotels within walking distance offer a variety of rooms and categories for all budgets to host students, professors, and special guests. However, Guadalajara is adapted for big conferences, offering more than 28,000 rooms in the city in the metropolitan area.
Public transport and metro lines connect the city’s most iconic and touristic areas, but taxis, Uber, and Didi are also available.
The city’s downtown has many restaurants and places to visit, most of which can receive electronic payments with credit or debit bank cards. ATMs are also available in the area.
The international airport of Guadalajara is 39 min from the downtown (14.4 Km distance). Also, Guadalajara city is accessible by airplane from almost any world city with one or two connections. From the United States, main international hubs have direct connections to Guadalajara. Also, connections from international destinations from Mexico City to Guadalajara are at 45-minute flights every 30 minutes during the day.
Most airports from Mexico cities also have flights to Guadalajara, so in some cases, coming from other cities such as Cancun could be a competitive option.

Conference venue to be hosted at the University of Guadalajara Campus GDL

Ave. Fray Antonio Alcalde 1140, Miraflores, Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico CP 44270

Conference Campus Location